Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin (BTC) is an electronic cryptocurrency (a type of digital currency, characterized by a deep measure of encryption of operations associated with its circulation), which has proven to be decentralized, anonymous and secure nature of storage, transfer and acquisition. Today, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. BTC is used by many Forex companies, offering, in turn, convenient mechanisms for cashing out and conversion. It is important to note that bitcoin is the ancestor of a politically independent trading network, offering a revolutionary new and at the same time purely digital payment system. It is the first decentralized monetary network in history to use all its users as regulators and does not imply any Central authority or intermediaries.In other words, bitcoin currency is the first implementation of the concept of ’cryptocurrency’, first described in 1998 by the person calling himself Wei Dai, in the mailing of so-called ’cipher banks’, offering the idea of a new type of money based on cryptography to manage and make transactions in contrast to any centralized regulatory force 61283