One of the most important factors when entering the playground stock company that is looking for you to buy the stock. And once you learn and research about stocks that you are interested and have a broker to help you buy the anxieties how to buy a stock online will have an answer relatively easily.  So find stocks like? Step 1: Learn the public financial statements of businesses that have information relating to the securities. Step 2: Analyze the quarterly report of the company that within two or three years, and special attention to the trend earnings per share and revenue of the company. Step 3: Look for a company with a stable growth trend of profitability calculated on most stocks. Step 4: Calculate the ratio of price - earnings (ratio P / E) of that company Step 5: Letís compare it with the PE ratio of the industry standards and with the ratio of the S & P 500. This ratio the lower the stock price as cheap compared with profit. Step 6: Pay attention to both the companyís debt. So to test the accounting balance sheet of the company and find the information on long-term debt. Step 7: Also need to pay attention to the table of cash flows in the financial statements to see the money that flows like in business activity of the company. Because surely that you will want to see a table of cash flows rather than profit losses. Sukabumi, Indonesia … nesia.html